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Parent Engagement Night

Math workshop is a method of delivering math instruction to help young students have a greater understanding of math, while loving it, too. Many are familiar with Reader's Workshop and Writer's Workshop. Math workshop is very similar in its approach; as it allows teachers to differentiate instruction for all students. Math workshop is a model of instruction that brings differentiation to new levels.
There are three major parts of math workshop. They are the mini lesson, the work stations, and the reflection. The launch starts out with the teacher stating what the lesson is about. She begins by asking her class: “What they noticed about fractions on the number line? Questioning is a key part to the development and structure of math workshop.
After completing the centers students write about what they learned. This is an important part of reflecting on their learning. E.g. One student after using the measuring cups said, “Oh, so this is a whole cup and the others are the parts.”

Written by: Jeanette Cox, math facilitator
Posted: Mar 01, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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