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Playing With Your Food!

Devan Patel, a third grade student of Mr. Hazel, learns about the phases of the moon using Oreos.

How many times have Mom and Dad told you not to play with your food? Well, recently in Mr. Hazel’s class, kids were encouraged to make a mess.

In math, everyone used Cheez-its to investigate area and perimeter. Since the cheesy snack is exactly a square inch, each student used the crackers to create an image on construction paper. After using a ruler to measure their picture to the nearest quarter-inch on each side, they counted each Cheez-it to find the area. Then, they counted the outside of their edible art to find the perimeter. If they were successful, each student was rewarded by eating their work…square inch by square inch.

For science, students used Oreo cookies to create the Earth’s moon phases. As part of their investigation into objects in the sky, these third graders took learning the difference between waxing and waning to a whole new level. The cream represented the part of the moon they would see from Earth. The cookie part represented the “dark side of the moon.” Although it takes 29.5 days for the moon to orbit the Earth, it only took Mr. Hazel’s class a few minutes to create all eight phases…and even less to eat them!

Written by: Damien Hazel, Third Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 02, 2014 by Marni Menkin

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