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African American Read-In

To celebrate Black History Month, Prospect Elementary School hosted an African American Read-In in partnership with the 25th National African American Read-In event sponsored by the National Council of Teacher of English (NCTE) and the Black Caucus of NCTE. 

We invited African Americans in the community to come read a book written by an African American author to our students.  The students enjoyed the read aloud as well as hearing about the reader’s life. 

Some of the readers were a Monroe police officer, an assistant principal, several principals, a reference librarian from the Union County Public Library, and a former principal who just happened to be, our principal, Mrs. Chinnis’ dad! 

Mitchell P. in fifth grade reflected on the presentation from Dr. Terri Cooper of Sun Valley Elementary School “I learned that Rosa Parks was a person that fits clothes and it was cool to hear an African American read a book written by an African American because it fits with Black History Month.”


Written by: Megan Hill
Posted: Mar 03, 2014 by Megan Hill

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