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Apparel Students from Cuthbertson High School Supports Little Dresses for Africa

Taylor Gates and Caytie Clemons, both sophomores, display two of the 137 dresses that Apparel I students made for Little Dresses for Africa.

 Students in Ms. Leah Ross’s Apparel I classes took their curriculum to the next level by participating in Little Dresses for Africa. Little Dresses for Africa is a non-profit organization that provides relief to the children of Africa through the donation of little sundresses sewn from pillowcases or simple patterns. In the case of Ms. Ross’s students, the challenge was to make two dresses from 2 yards of fabric with a total cost of under $10 for both. The Apparel I curriculum includes the basics of apparel design and construction so students were able to practice the skills they were learning for an authentic purpose. 

“This project pulled together all the skills the students needed to put together color theory, design elements and principles, as well as the sewing skills themselves. It also made them look forward to Apparel II which includes entrepeneurship and resource management,” Ross said.

Sophomore Erica Sisti said, “Ms. Ross said the boys are favored so it was nice to be able to give something to the girls so they can feel special - because every girl likes new clothes!”

The classes made a total of 137 dresses over the span of two weeks to send to Little Dresses for Africa, fully finished with trim and hemming. The organization works with missionaries and the World Health Organization to deliver the dresses through international aid workers.

“I think the students tried a lot harder since they knew it was going to somebody else. They knew little girls would really be wearing the dresses and it represented them here. They worked really hard on them. One student actually researched it on her own and made a committment to herself that she would make no fewer than one dress per week for all of 2014. She is doing this all on her own!” said Ross.

“It felt good to know we're helping the kids in Africa because my work was giving them clothes,” said sophomore Caytie Clemons.

The motto of the Little Dresses for Africa website is “We’re not just sending dresses, we’re sending hope.” Click here to visit the site: http://www.littledressesforafrica.org/blog

“I wanted the kids to look beyond themselves and realize that even with limited resources, they could make a difference in somebody’s world,” concluded Ross.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Mar 03, 2014 by Judy Davis

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