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School days will be extended to make up time missed due to inclement weather


In order to make up the missed instructional time on the remaining day(s), additional time will be added to the regular school day. 

Union County Public Schools students missed five days this school year due to inclement weather. At this time, it does not appear that the Governor or the State Department of Public Instruction will be able to provide any relief to school systems for the days missed.

Students on Traditional Calendar - To make up missed days, the traditional calendar had three days still available. Each of the make up days previously identified in our calendar will be used. February 17th, March 7th, and April 21st are all now regular days of school. 

Beginning March 3rd, 11 minutes will be added to the school day. This will occur for 60 school days for schools on the traditional calendar schools. 

The last day with this extended time will be June 2, 2014 for schools on the Traditional Calendar.

Buses will run their afternoon routes eleven minutes later than normal and dismissal will occur eleven minutes later than it has.

Superintendent Dr. Ellis said that this will allow students to receive the instructional time missed while preserving Saturdays and Spring Break for families.

Written by: Rob Jackson
Posted: Mar 04, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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