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CATA Involved in UCPS Google Symposium

Pictured from left to right: Eliza Rust; Turner Finnerty; Ansley Juan; Lucas Duemmler; Lexi Rose; Jake Hillhouse; Kim Fisenne, CATA Principal; and Kyle Hrenyo.

Union County Public Schools was selected by Google representatives to host the esteemed Google Superintendent & Curriculum Leadership Symposium for our region on February 26th, 2014.

The purpose of the symposium was to provide a platform in which attendees could have access to information regarding best practices of educational technology integration and the opportunity to learn and discuss the necessary steps to take when implementing a 1:1 initiative in their district.

The morning began with a keynote delivered by Dr. Mary Ellis, UCPS Superintendent, and then participants attended various breakout sessions surrounding Leadership & Funding, Infrastructure, Deployment/Management, Principal Q & A Panel, Student Q & A Panel and Professional Development.

Sessions were delivered by Google, various members of the UCPS Cabinet Staff, Technology Services staff, principals at the middle and high school levels and students from the Central Academy of Technology & Arts. Students from Monroe High School’s production class will assist in filming the event.

Students that participated in the Google Symposium for the session called “Student Perspectives” include Turner Finnerty, Ansley Juan, Kyle Hrenyo, Eliza Rust, Lukas Duemmler, Lexi Rose, and Jake Hillhouse. Ms. Fisenne, Principal, Ms. Thompson, Instructional Technology Facilitator, and Mr. Simon, School Technology Engineer spoke at the session as well.

Students were introduced and each student spoke about their perspective on how technology has impacted their learning. At the conclusion of the talks, attendees were able to ask students questions.Students did a wonderful job answering questions for the attendees.

CATA Junior Lucas Duemmler said, "It was a fun experience because it taught us a lot about public speaking and it also was the first time since we received the Chromebooks that we got to express our opinions about how we use them."  

"The Google Symposium was a very rewarding experience," said CATA Senior Jake Hillhouse, "It was very interesting to interact with all participants and discuss the benefits of having Chromebooks. Knowing that we could voice our opinions about the changes in technology will hopefully bring even better changes for future years. It was an honor to be chosen to speak at the event, and I hope that even better changes occur because of our presentation."

After the morning sessions, students joined the participants for lunch and then acted as tour guides when the participants visited CATA to see technology in action. Attendees visited the classrooms of Dr. Gundersen (English), Ms. Craven (Band), Dr. Tarlton (English), and Ms. Morgan (Science) to see how the teachers and students use technology in the classroom. 

Written by: Deb Christensen
Posted: Mar 04, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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