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Weddington Elementary School holds a tornado drill as part of the Severe Weather Awareness Week

Knowing what to do when seconds count can save lives. It is really important to practice tornado safety by holding a drill in school. To prepare for the change in season, Weddington Elementary School held a tornado drill Wednesday morning as part of the Severe Weather Awareness Week.

When the alarm/announcement was given, Weddington Elementary students stopped what they were doing, quietly lined up and moved silently into their designated area (an interior hall).  Once in position, each student crouched with their head down, protecting the back of their head with their arms and remained soundless.

Administrators, teachers and staff made sure that Weddington Elementary students stayed away from windows and large open rooms like the gymnasium and auditorium. When given the “all clear” announcement, the students returned to their classroom.

The most important part of tornado safety in schools is to develop a good safety plan. A tornado can strike with little warning. A carefully developed tornado drill should be conducted several times a year to keep students and staff in good practice.

This statewide drill provided schools an opportunity to test their planning and readiness to be able to promptly seek appropriate shelter in case of a real severe weather emergency.

Written by: Stacie Davis
Posted: Mar 05, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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