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Spotlight on Kenya, Africa

First and Third Grade Students recently learned about Kenya a country on the continent of Africa from Mrs. Kinyanjui and Ray Karanja, a UNCC sophomore.

Dylan had a question of “How long does it take to get there by plane?” Mrs. Kinyanjui said 16 hours. “Wow!”

Students had the opportunity to see some jewelry made by local women. They make necklaces, bracelets and earnings. Some were made of bones and shark teeth. Others were made with beads. They learned about the mask that they make in Kenya and the paintings on cloth and animal skins.

Students had the opportunity to see different pieces of money. They use the shilling instead of dollars.

There are no tornadoes, ice or snow in Kenya. The weather is different there. They have a rainy season and summer but no winter or fall. Kenya’s weather is like our spring and summer. There is a beach called Mombasa. Anthony asked: “Are there swimming pools there? “Yes, they do have swimming pools.”

They might dress like we do with jeans and t-shirts and at times they may wear long “tribal dresses”. They might wear a Sari.

Their schools are different from ours but they do have K-12th grade. The population is 43.18 million people in 2012. Many different languages spoken in Kenya with Swahili and English as the official languages. Houses are made of bricks, stone and wood. They have cars in Kenya.

Avery wanted to know “What kind of foods do they eat?” “Potatoes, corn, McDonalds, the food is the same but it is seasoned differently. They have different kinds of drinks and Pepsi, milk, juice and water.

James asked, “if they have dirt on the floor of their houses. Mrs. Kinyanjui said “yes, in the country they do and in the city they do not.”

Tristan and James asked about the animals and insects. They learned they do have many insects and even spiders. They also learned about the Big Five. These animals roam free and are not in the zoo but are important. These are the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape Buffalo. There are many other animals and people go on Safaris to see the Big Five and other African animals.

Mr. Karanja shared some Swahili songs with the students. Katherine asked him to say something in Swahili and he said a few words and the students tried practicing the new words.

Derek asked about technology and Mr. Karanja answered that they had things like laptops, cell phones and i-pads.

Carter asked about sports and students learned they like to play soccer and rugby in Kenya. They like running races.

The first president is on the money and there have been 4 presidents. Ray shared what the colors on the flag represented when students asked about what the flag looked like.

Students enjoyed learning about Kenya and comparing homes, schools, sports, technology and weather to ours.

Written by: Brenda Todd
Posted: Mar 07, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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