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Let's Write

The first graders have been working very hard in reading to learn all about characters. We have read books such as When Sophie Gets Mad, Really, Really Mad and Howay for Wodney Wat to discover how characters change throughout the story.

Sometimes they start out scared and become brave by the end of the book. Other times characters start out mad and then they learn how to be happy.  The students shared what they learned about characters with their partners during buddy reading.

As writers, the first graders learned about realistic fiction and how to create a realistic character. They drew a picture of their characters, wrote about his or her likes or dislikes, and made up realistic problems that the character needed to solve.

Many of them wrote about their brother or sister, mom or dad or their classmates. As they continued their series about their character, they added sparkly words to make it more exciting and quotation marks to show when their character was talking.

Make sure to read their series when they bring it home. Maybe you will be the main character!

Student writing.


Student writing


Student writing

Written by: Miriam Keller, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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