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Bio Club Studies Avian Anatomy

Anthony Dabnis and Daniel Cheney, both juniors, dissect a pigeon in the Biology Club meeting.

The mission of the CHS Biology Club is to promote interest in biology and to provide students with out of class opportunities to further their understanding of the topic through activities such as dissection. Club sponsors are Maya Schultz and Sarah Keziah. Last week the club members participated in a dissecting activity using pigeons.

“The students decided they wanted to dissect a bird. It was something they had never done before and was not in the regular science curriculum. They wanted to see the difference between mammal and avian anatomy,” said Ms. Schultz.

Junior Anthony Dabnis said, “I really like biology and joined the club because I wanted to be more hands-on than in regular biology class. It was interesting to dissect the pigeon and see all their organs and that they still had seeds in their throats. Also, their bones are very fragile compared to human bones.”

Ms. Schultz said, “The biggest surprise was that one group discovered corn and seeds inside the crop of their bird!” A crop is the part of a bird that stores and softens food before it moves on to be processed. It is the first internal organ of the digestive system.

“In addition to this kind of learning activity, the club members are empowered to be good stewards of their community by participating in service work centered around the environment. We have spent a Saturday morning cleaning the roadway in front of New Town Elementary School as part of the Adopt-a-Highway program and have another cleaning planned for the end of March," said Ms. Schultz.

Students interested in joining the club may refer to the Biology Club page for more information. 

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 by Paula White

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