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Career and Culture Day

On Thursday, March 6th, Wingate Elementary hosted its fourth annual Career and Culture Day. Presenters were greeted in the media center by breakfast and a welcome message from Dr. Henderson, principal of Wingate. Wingate students then escorted presenters to classrooms to begin their presentations.

Students in kindergarten through second grade learned about different cultures from speakers of many countries. Students in third through fifth learned about a variety of careers from the many speakers that visited Wingate.

Culture presenters shared the unique customs of their country through personal photos, stories, music, and dance. Students were able to discuss the new information they had learned, as well as see how each country was similar and different from the United States. Culture presenters included: Iryna Covarrubias, Nadia Meretskiy, Marcelyn Francis, Forest Hills High School Spanish Club, Ute Witt, Gustavo Arevelo, Roz Brown, Andrea Laporta, Charmaine Van Schalkwyk, Ann Stone, Connie Koch, Isaline Linton, Accia Albury, Carol Hill, and Carolyn Leonard.

Career presenters provided students with an insight to their professions. Each presenter emphasized the importance of education, as well as what the daily demands of their career entailed. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each presentation. Career presenters included: Andrew Mullis, Mandi Cox, Jason Stewart, Mendi Mullis, April Kennedy, Diana Gallimore, Candice Sturdivant, Jack Vundum, Deputy Tommy Gallis, Karla Ennis, Jason Easter, David Bryan, Joe Reich, Dr. Bob Parrish, Robert Sumner, Crissy Lavery, Lauree Dale, Jennifer Aldridge, and Wingate Police Chief Donnie Gay.

Wingate is grateful for the time each community member volunteered. The students were able to take away knowledge that will be forever remembered.

Written by: Melissa Ottaway
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 by Carolyn McCarthy

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