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Second Grade Studies Butterfly Migration Across the World

 Each year my second-grade class participates in a global Science and Social Studies project called "Symbolic Migration" through the Journey North foundation. This year some of the other 2nd grade teachers joined me. This project begins in the fall and continues into the spring.

In the fall the students learn about the Monarch butterfly and its amazing life cycle and migration to the mountains in Mexico. Our class makes our own butterfly, which will be kept by the students in Mexico. We sent our "symbolic" butterflies off in October.

Five schools in Mexico received our class butterflies and are currently taking care of them for us while the real Monarchs are there. During the time that the Monarchs are in Mexico, our class learns about the region where the butterflies spend their winter and the children taking care of our butterfly.

It is all about making global connections. As the butterflies begin to return, we continue our study of the life cycle and migration of the Monarch butterfly. We will receive a symbolic butterfly from other classes in North America. We will also receive notes and information from the students in Mexico.  

Read more about the butterflies and the project at Journey North. Click on the link to Send a Monarch to Mexico! and follow the prompts to see which Mexican schools and students received Antioch's symbolic butterflies!

Written by: Leslie Smith, Second Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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