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2014 Leadership Class Officers

Congratulations to the new Leadership class officers. Pictured left to right: Rachael Taggio and Anastasia Williams, Junior Class Co-Presidents; A’ja Crayton, Early College President; and Hannah Brown, Sophomore Class President.

During February, UCEC’s Leadership class held elections for class officers. To run in the election, candidates were required to submit a video speech highlighting their platforms for providing leadership for our school. Elections took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the final results being released on Thursday, February 27. And the winners are… 

A’ja Crayton, UCEC President.
Anastasia Williams and Rachael Taggio, Junior Class Co-Presidents.
Hannah Brown, Sophomore Class President.

As officers, these ladies are expected to be outstanding leaders and chair various committees that form in Leadership class to “make the impossible possible” and to reach out to others in hopes of improving their experience here at UCEC. The new group of leaders is excited about working with Leadership sponsor Mrs. Pharr to make our school and community better places.

Some of the events Leadership has already sponsored this semester include: Candy Grams, the Winter Dance, and the 4th Annual Art and Talent show. Other projects are in the making for March of Dimes, Pi Day, a read-in with Pre-K students, and 2014-2015 Class T-Shirts. Also, Leadership students will continue to create decorative bulletin boards, calendars of events, and other fun and informative posters throughout UCEC’s hallways. This group of new leaders promises to be an inspiration that their peers can count on to lead UCEC and showcase the altruistic nature of our student body.

Written by: Karen Pharr, SGA/Leadership Class sponsor
Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by Sylvia Roldan

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