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Weddington Elementary School hosting an array of events as part of Cultural Arts Week

Weddington Elementary School will host a spectacular array of events and activities as part of Cultural Arts Week. WDES turns the spotlight on the vital contributions that arts and cultural make in life and learning. Music, film, media arts, dance, books, theatre and visual art are a part of daily life and have a lasting impact.

Five consecutive days, WDES students will spend valuable time while learning and participating in various activities and events during Cultural Arts Week.  Arts and culture plays an essential role in learning.

Mrs. Pray’s art classes created unique and personal creations using clay. They learned fundamental hand building techniques and how to add imaginatived details to their projects.

WDES are immersing students in a wide variety of arts experiences, featuring performances from Jill Ammons (artist), Abbie Steele (Hip Hop Dancer), Drew Nowlin (mime and puppeteer) and several students during Cultural Arts Week.

For the remainder of Cultural Arts Week:

Thursday, April 13th: Drew Norlin (Puppeteer) Michaela Hinson (Dance) Jospeh Chau (Violinist)

Friday, April 14th: Drew Nowlin (Mime) 

Power of the arts, has the potential to transform the lives and learning of young people!




Written by: Stacie Davis
Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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