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Students create a human map

During the month of February, the students in Ms. Ford’s and Ms. Hunsaker’s classes studied all about the continents. 

Students read books, researched on their chromebooks, and watched short videos to learn about the continents.  Then each student selected a continent and a country in that continent to focus on for their individual project. 

On the class research day, the teachers gave each student a card with some key terms that pertained to their country.  Students then logged into their chromebooks and began searching for the key terms and selected pictures to go along with the key information.

Next, students created a poster for their country.  On each poster students included some of the following: name of country, map, flag, places to visit, unique food, and animals found in the country. 

Each class created a “human map” presentation.  Students in the class were seated in the spot that their country would be located on a map.  They took turns sharing the information on their posters to students and staff. 

The students did an awesome job on the project and presentation.  

Written by: Amy Hunsaker, Teacher
Posted: Mar 11, 2014 by Anna Waldrup

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