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AP Science Students at Cane Creek State Park

The students in Ms. Kopchick's AP Environmental Science class and Ms. Morgan's AP Biology class pose together at Cane Creek Park.

AP Biology and AP Environmental Science students traveled to Cane Creek Park on Monday, March 10th. Students worked in the four different habitats throughout the park, the grassland habitat, the wetland habitat, upland forest habitat, and the floodplain forest habitat.

Students collected data on soil temperature, soil pH, plant life, and fungi to study the invasive and native species in the varying habitats. It was a perfect day to study the micrometeorology of the park areas.

Students will be completing lab reports of their analysis in preparation for their AP exams. Amanda Privette said, “It was interesting to see the amount of diversity in our area. We experienced what we learned in class and then applied that in the real world.” Some of the tree saplings included a few month old cedars and pines.

Students had to measure and compare the root lengths of each individual species grown in the sun with the ones grown in the shade and then analyze the reasons for the more prosperous specimens.

“It was interesting to acknowledge that even parks like Cane Creek have so many various species that their biodiversity becomes hard to calculate.” remarked Nate Diggins.

Camille Alvin observed, “Many students had been to Cane Creek before but the field trip opened up a new perspective. The day was gorgeous and it was exhilarating to be out of school. The best part of the trip was that it was dedicated to science and new discoveries. This time, instead of simply taking in the sights, we all focused on the deeper aspects of the ecosystems that maintain the park.”  

Written by: Kortney Kopchick, Science Teacher
Posted: Mar 12, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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