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Cavs Attend WACC Ambassadors Circle

Nikolai Leslie, Lauren Skibbie, Alexis Davis, Megan Bunn, Ally Pritscher, Kenny Winslow, and teacher Mr. Daniel Sellner attend the World Affairs Council of Charlotte Ambassadors Circle Series.

Six students from Mr. Daniel Sellner’s III/IV Honors German class had the opportunity to attend the World Affairs Council of Charlotte Ambassadors Circle Series on March 7, 2014. The event was a luncheon featuring guest speaker former Ambassador Margaret Scobey, U.S. Ambassador to Egypt from 2008-2011. The six were selected based on an application stating why they wanted to attend the event and what they hoped to learn. The students were first introduced to members of the World Affairs Council and other attendees and then during the luncheon they listened to Ambassador Scobey’s speech and had time for questions and answers.

The students attending were seniors Lauren Skibbie and Alexis Davis along with juniors Nikolai Leslie, Ally Pritscher, Megan Bunn, and Kenny Winslow. Mr. Sellner also accompanied the students.

“At this event, we got the chance to listen to a former Egyptian ambassador speak about the social situations and inconveniences all around Egypt. We heard about the terrorism and economic problems,” said Alexis Davis. “I think Ambassador Scobey is a very strong and intelligent woman.”

Mr. Sellner said, “Ambassador Scobey drew on her extensive knowledge of foreign affairs, particularly with regards to North Africa and the Middle East to explain America’s role in those regions.”

“I learned that the balance of peace between America and other countries is more delicate than I originally thought,” said Ally Pritscher.

Nikolai Leslie said, “I enjoyed listening to the former ambassador speak. It was insightful and interesting to learn more about what’s going on in Egypt and the Middle East.”

The World Affairs Council of Charlotte website states that “the Council seeks to provide leadership for global thinking, believing that a broad perspective is necessary for effective competition in the global economy and for responsible citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world.” The Council mission “focuses on improving international education and encouraging citizens to participate in the national debate on world affairs.”

Mr. Sellner said, “Ambassador Scobey’s arguments help students understand that America is but one member of a global community. We must have a mindset of international cooperation if we are to be respected and influential as a country in the 21st century. I hope that the students came away with a better understanding of how America is viewed in some parts of the world, and why it is important to have a mindset of diplomacy and cooperation.”

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Mar 13, 2014 by Paula White

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