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Ms. Lepley's and Mrs. Nichols' PBL Class Go Fo The Gold

Ms. Lepley’s and Mrs. Nichols’ classes researched cities to host the Winter Olympics. Their Driving Question was: What makes a city an attractive place to host the Winter Olympics? After a visit from a pilot, an economist, learning weather and map skills, the students made a list of possible places to host the Winter Olympics in the United States. The survey was tallied and the classes were divided into four cities. They researched Bozeman, Montana; Aspen, Colorado; Augusta, Maine and Olympia, Washington. The classes researched the city’s culture and diversity, landforms, weather, village, economy and tourism. Landforms and villages made 3D maps. Tourism made travel brochures and economy made a slide show talking about how the city’s make their money. Culture and diversity made a slideshow about the culture of their city’s. The weather team made a graphic chart comparing the different weather patterns of each city. Mrs. More videotaped the student’s presentations to send to send to Ms. Biggerstaff’s 5th grade class. They will judge and vote which group convinced them that their city would be a good place to host the Winter Olympics.

Written by: Leah Closs and Pablo Ashi
Posted: Mar 13, 2014 by Jeffery Aten

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