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"Older Friends" Return to Give Advice

One day in Mrs. Williams' 1-2 Multiage class, during a morning meeting, students expressed a concern about what to expect for the next grade. So, we extended an invitation to some of our “older friends” from last year who are now in Mr. Hazel’s class. The students wrote questions to ask the 3rd graders. The 1-2 Multiage friends wanted to know about the most challenging part and the easiest part of third grade. They asked about the EOGs, recess and homework. They even asked what kind of things they could be working on now.

The friends from Mr. Hazel’s class told the students to “definitely start working on Multiplication over the summer”.  Another student said you need to make sure you work on writing paragraphs. Cursive is something you will learn in third grade said another student.  One student’s favorite part was persuasive writing because you try to get others to change their minds.  They shared that in 3rd grade you need to be focused and organized.  The consensus was that third grade is really fun and you will have a great time if you stay focused and listen to your teacher.

Written by: Kimberly Williams, 1-2 Multiage Teacher
Posted: Mar 14, 2014 by Marni Menkin

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