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Break Dancing at BHESA

Thirty students from grades Kindergarten to 5th timidly entered the dance studio at Benton Heights Elementary School of the Arts to take part in a special break dancing workshop led by Jonathan Alsop from Charlotte. His gentle manner and patience set a positive tone for learning while his passion for breakdance inspired the students to have fun and do their best.

After a warm up, they began learning and practicing basic moves that included top rock, down rock and a baby freeze. Students were led in a short choreographed piece that incorporated their new moves, emphasizing rhythm and attitude.  The excitement of the students was electric.  Several of the boys were eager to show off their back flips, spins and round-offs .  Jonathan had many nuggets of advice to share with students such as taking care of their bodies, using protective gear while training and getting rest during all workouts.

After the workshop, students could be heard commenting;  “That was cool!” and “Awesome!” One 4th grade girl said that “The baby freeze was challenging, but I feel I did well. It was fantastic!” Jonathan was amazed at how many of the students were girls (half). “That’s unusual in the breaking world.”

We were sorry to see the time over and students wanted to know if this was going to happen each Tuesday. Although we can’t bring Jonathan each week, we are hoping he returns again real soon.

Written by: Ms. Christina Lohry, BHESA Dance Teacher
Posted: Mar 16, 2014 by Beth Lanzy

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