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North Carolina Lighthouse Learning for Fourth Grade

Fourth graders at Rea View recently completed research projects related to North Carolina lighthouses. The seven lighthouses that are still found along the North Carolina coast are famous symbols of North Carolina and serve as reminders of the period in history when those traveling by boat needed these beacons of light to navigate the coastline. In addition to their reading and writing of informational text in this integrated learning experience, students created presentations through Google Apps to summarize their learning, and created actual models of a lighthouse as well. Students were very creative and resourceful in their selection of materials to build their lighthouse including items such as sugar cubes, traffic cones, sand, wood, foam and lighting to give a realistic effect. As part of the culmination of this project, fourth graders were led by Rea View music teacher, Tiffany Adcox, in an evening performance of several songs related to North Carolina. Fourth grade students, teachers, and families had an opportunity to tour a fantastic display of all the lighthouses models in the Media Center after the performance. Students will next focus on learning more about the government of North Carolina in social studies with a trip to the state's capital, Raleigh, coming up on Thursday, March 20.

Written by: Jill Sledd
Posted: Mar 18, 2014 by Jill Sledd

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