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3rd Students as Scientists

 Third grade students recently completed a science unit on plants. The following paragraphs highlight some of the activities the students took part in over the past few weeks.
The unit began by students venturing outside their classrooms to study plant life around the school’s grounds. The kids sketched the many plants they noticed in their Science Journals.
Students got into groups and talked about what they knew about fruit and seeds. They named all the different types of fruit that they could think of, and that was a lot! The next activity in the unit had the kids studying actual fruits, so they would learn about the location, number, and properties of the seeds in the variety of fruits. Some were rather surprised to learn that strawberries have seeds on the outside! A couple kids sampled the fruit at the conclusion of the lesson.
Next, students planted lima bean seeds in small cups. They carefully placed them on the window sill in the classroom and watered them every day. Some of the seeds have begun to sprout and the kids are very excited.
One of the final things the students did was to open up seeds that had been soaked overnight. This enabled them to see the parts of the seed more clearly and to get a better understanding of seeds. It was very easy for the students to remove the seed coat and view the seed’s embryo and cotyledons. The students very much enjoyed learning about plant life!

Written by: Jennifer Bodenheimer, 3rd Grade teacher
Posted: Mar 19, 2014 by Kerri Edwards

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