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4th Grade Experts!

 The 4th Graders have been very busy writing about topics they considered themselves to be experts on. They began by choosing a topic they could relate to and which plays a part in their everyday life. They then spent some time researching a few questions they had on their individual topics. Once they had completed their research and confirmed what they had known from the start they arranged the information into a slide show presentation.
The students celebrated the unit by sharing their presentations with their classmates. When asked about the project, many of the students agreed that it was more fun to create something using technology that they could personalize with pictures, different fonts, and creative layouts instead of writing the normal papers which would just be read to the class. Upon completion the slide shows were added to the students individual web sites.

Written by: Lisa Stephens, 4th Grade Teacher
Posted: Mar 19, 2014 by Jennifer Williams

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