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Flying Motifs Add New Perspective to Global Study in AP Literature Class

Ms. May's AP Literature class with their Kite Projects

On Friday, March 7th 2014, Mrs. May’s AP English 4 class used their newfound knowledge to create something great. Throughout the prior weeks, the class had been reading the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. This novel explains the struggle of two Afghan boys as they experience jealousy, diversity, status, and the power of choice. Mrs. May stated, “My students made kites to help them connect with the text they were reading. As the title implies, kite is one of the motifs in The Kite Runner. To further explore motif, students were asked to find other motifs in the novel and asked to create an image or symbol to represent that motif. Students then designed kites with their representation of motif and got to experience the thrill of flying the kites they made.” As a class we thought that creating a kite was a great representation of the novel and the culture it represents.

Students spent the first day determining which motif from the novel they would choose. They then had to decide how to represent it on the kite. Student Lindsay Hutchins stated, “It was nice to read a book, and apply what we read to real life.” When first given the assignment, the students were unsure of what the final product might look like. It took two days to complete the motif design on the kites. Senior John Emezie stated, “It was harder work to make a kite than I thought.”

This project gave the AP students the opportunity to put down the textbooks and use their creative side. The students very much enjoyed this difference in atmosphere. After two days of designing and creating, the kites were ready to fly. On Tuesday, March 11th, the class headed down to the stadium to see their creations soar. Though a beautiful day out, the wind was not strong. With this issue some kites had difficulty getting off the ground. “Because of our thick paper, ours did not fly,” said Shannon Raines. One kite that did fly quite well was made by Jessica Yang and partner Jake Price.” The students really enjoyed getting to go outside. Though flying the kites were fun, the real accomplishment was reading a novel, interpreting the motif correctly, and understanding another global culture. This will be a great project for future classes. Mrs. May stated, “I was pleased with the students’ ability to find a motif in the book and represent it accurately and creatively. I was also pleased with their positive attitudes throughout this process.”

Written by: Senior Shannon Raines
Posted: Mar 20, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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