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EUMS Black History performance is a huge success

“It was a wonderful show. I was inspired when I saw all the kids of all different race and grade levels that participated,” said Assistant Principal of East Union Middle School Maxie Johnson about the Black History celebration held in the school auditorium on February 28. Students of all grade levels performed gospel, dance routines and poetry readings.

“Black history is celebrated because it is important to learn about all cultures and their history. It is what makes us all Americans,” Mr. Johnson said.

Seventh grader Tanner Lowery performed in the seventh grader's rendition of the gospel song “Oh Happy Day.” Of the experience, he said “It was fun because we did a lot of dancing.” Janiya Crawford, a seventh grader who also performed in “Oh Happy Day” agreed. “It was fun but it was also hard work. It took a long time to learn the steps and a lot of people were off beat at first,” she said.

Seventh grader Nistiya Burch particularly liked performing in the grand finale. “It was fun. Everyone was excited and really energetic,” she said.

Seventh Grade Science Teacher Evelyn Funderburk liked the music selection. “ I liked the message from the music because it was very relevant to events that took place, and the students were very engaged and they did a wonderful job.”

Black History Month has been recognized with a celebration at EUMS for over 5years now. Officer Pamela Cole has headed it up for the past three years. She choreographed the entire performance and held many practices after school. “The students did an excellent job the day of the performance. Due to all of the weather with the snow it kind of pushed us behind schedule. We practiced for 3 weeks during and after school. My biggest challenge was working with the sixth and seventh grade groups, because it was pretty much the first year that a lot of them participated. My eighth grade group was more advanced because most of them have performed the last two years. We had approximately 48 students for all grade levels that participated in the dance portion. This is my third year working with the black history performance. I really enjoy it!,” Officer Cole said.

Drama teacher Melody Florentino’s favorite part of the performance was Dajah Bennet’s solo performance of “Lift Every Voice.”
Many parents and community members made it to the program, but there were many that were very disappointed to miss it. For this reason there was an encore performance on Thursday, March 20, at the EUMS auditorium at 6:30 pm. The Negro Spiritual Choir from Wingate University will also perform in the encore performance. The performance is free of charge. Donations will be accepted and will benefit EUMS’ newly formed Multicultural Club.


Written by: Ashley Sanchez-Beristain and Karmyn Auzenne, 7th grade students
Posted: Mar 20, 2014 by Susie Jones

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