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South Providence students learn through volunteerism

South Providence School students volunteer at the Waxhaw’s 35th Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon.

Students at South Providence School volunteered recently to help serve senior citizens in the community during Waxhaw’s 35th Annual Senior Citizen Luncheon.

The students greeted guests, plated and served food, served drinks and washed dishes at the luncheon.

“The students went above and beyond the call of duty,” said South Providence teacher Travis Deese. “They approached their jobs with diligence, finesse, grace and purpose.”

Deese said he and fellow educator, South Providence Assistant Support Specialist Stephanie Thompson were very proud of the students’ work.

“Words cannot fully express how proud we are of each student,” Deese said. “We felt like proud parents watching our children produce greatness."

Deese explained that serving people can be challenging. He was particularly proud that his students used tact and appropriate coping skills to interact with their customers.

“These students have what it takes to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others,” Deese said.

Prior to the event, students prepared by reviewing proper etiquette techniques, role-playing, and meeting with Natalie Jackson, Assistant Events Coordinator, to go over expectations and job assignments.

Students seemed to enjoy the project and felt it was successful. "I think we did okay,” said Octavio Carballido. “I liked it because I like to help people. (In class) we learn how to get prepared for a job. I can work at a restaurant to get money to live and go to college to become a counselor."

Student Mason Wallace, who wants to pursue something artistic like graphic design, admitted the students got frustrated with a few social interactions, but, "We faced difficulties and handled it right," he explained. "We showed everyone we could do it, represented the school like Mr. Deese wanted and followed his expectations."

"I liked fixing their plates in the kitchen," said Tyrez Huntley, who worked in the assembly line.

Tyrez said he looks forward to classes that teach about interviewing and cosmetology. "I can learn the way they teach. It’s not too fast or too slow."

Written by: Travis Deese and Victoria Tuck, South Providence teachers
Posted: Mar 21, 2014 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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