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Ethical Hacking: Cyber Security in the Classroom

Oscar Gonzales displays a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Blocker, a device he carries in his pocket to block hackers who use a scanner to steal personal information from credit cards.

On Friday, March 21, students in Mrs. Washburn’s English III class and members of the Academic Quiz Team learned about cyber security from SPCC instructor Oscar Gonzalez. He shared how recent well-publicized events, such as the large-scale hacking of consumers’ personal data from Target, have spurred global job growth in this field, and how many cybercrimes are committed across state and national borders.

Gonzalez advised students, “Get into a career where you know ten years from now you will have a job,” and displayed employment data related to this growing field. He also discussed how cyber security is not only related to helping protect individuals, businesses, and the government from predators, but also can also involve forensics, where data is extracted from cyber sources for use by law enforcement agencies and the judicial system. The students at the presentation also learned practical information about protecting one’s personal identity from hackers, and were introduced to the term “ethical hacker”—a person who is hired to penetrate networks or security systems to find security vulnerabilities.

A grant from the National Science Foundation has allowed Gonzalez to develop cyber security educational programs, and SPCC students can now earn a certificate in this field of study. This summer, Gonzalez is also holding a two-day Cyber Crime Summer Camp. This camp, which is free of charge, offers high school students the opportunity to learn about topics such as browser security, digital forensics, virtualization, and malware handling. Interested students should go to www.spccevents.com/home/2014cybercrimecamp for more information and to download an application. Applications are due May 1.

Written by: Liz Washburn, English teacher
Posted: Mar 24, 2014 by Sylvia Roldan

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