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Third Grade Thinks Thailand Is Thought-Provoking

Mrs. Racek's Third Graders show off their Terrific Thailand research projects.

During the Third Grade Non-fiction writing unit, our students used their netbook computers to research information about Thailand and its people. The students worked on finding facts about its location, capital, land, population, language, and flag. Students also thought about information they wanted to learn and generated questions. They then researched to find information that would answer their question about Thailand.

Students enjoyed learning about the different cultural aspects of Thailand and made many comparisons to life here in the United States.  

The third graders remembered a lot of cultural facts from their research. Taylor Sibley remarked, “We learned that they have Children’s Day and Friends Day as holidays in Thailand and they celebrate friendship by having parties and play dates!” Bethany Hall added, “I think we should definitely have Friends Day in America.” Avery Painter and Lexi Carlson both agreed that Children’s Day sounds like a great celebration! Lexi and Taylor said that there is not a holiday like this in the U.S. and recognizing kids for the hard work they do and having a day of celebration is a Thai tradition we should adopt.”

Alli Hall shared that she was fascinated with the fact Thailand celebrates New Year’s three times: once on January 1, then the Lunar New Year in late winter, and finally the Thai New Year on April 13-15. Taylor and Alli said that during the Thai New Year’s holiday people are splashed with buckets of water and even have water fights to wash away the bad memories and bad luck from the past year. All the girls thought that tradition sounded awesome!

Once all the research was completed, they formatted the research into a type of non-fiction writing to place in their Time for Kids Magazine Project. After the project was completed, students enjoyed sharing their newly learned information with their peers.


Written by: Meghan Racek, Third Grade Teacher and Kimberly Kovach, Media Coordinator
Posted: Mar 24, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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