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4th Grade Classes Travels to Europe

Mrs. Chorney’s fourth grade class traveled to six countries in Europe during a global rotation with the other fourth grade classes. The class visited Spain, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece, and Uganda. Each student had a passport to jot down some of the most valuable information they learned from their peers.
Before the rotations, Mrs. Chorney’s class researched various aspects of Switzerland including the economy, food, music, holiday/celebration, games, and landmarks. Small groups of 3-4 students per topic then created a presentation on GoogleDocs. These presentations were shared with the other students in Mrs. Chorney’s class. The class then presented the information to two younger classes. Each time the students tweaked the presentation to make it even better. Finally, the days arrived when the fourth grade classes travelled to learn about other countries in Europe. Both days some students stayed to share the information about Switzerland, and travelled the other day.
With the rotations complete, Mrs. Chorney’s class worked in small groups to create a poster to represent the countries that were visited. Each poster included the countries name prominently displayed, at least six important facts about that country, and pictures representing the various topics. These posters were shared with others in the class, and displayed in the room.

Written by: Nancy Chorney
Posted: Mar 26, 2014 by Jeffery Aten

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