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East Union students visit the University of North Carolina

Students had a beautiful day to enjoy a tour of the UNC campus. Here, they are visiting Kenan football stadium.

 On Friday, March 14th, 150 eighth grade students took a field trip to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The students arrived at East Union at 6:45 am for breakfast from Bojangles. Then they loaded the buses at 7:15 am for a 10:00 am arrival at the Dean Smith Basketball Museum. This museum visit was just the start of a very exciting day which included, art exhibits, galaxy shows, shopping, walking, and eating.

As the students entered the Dean Smith Museum, they paused for a short 4 minute video which highlighted some of the legendary basketball players that were former students of UNC Chapel Hill. Once the video ended, the students were allowed to enter the museum filled with jerseys, basketballs, scoreboards, large shoes, and other items worn and used by some of the former Tar Heel players.

The students then had time to take a short tour of the campus. Some of the groups found their way to Krispy Kreme. This was probably a good idea because they were scheduled for a late lunch. The hot glazed doughnuts were a nice treat to hold the students over until the afternoon.

All the students met at the Morehead Planetarium at 12:30 for two, star theater shows. The first show was titled “Carolina Skies”. This show let the students see what the skyline looks like at night in North Carolina. The students were able to explore the night sky inside a dome theater. The second show was titled “Dynamic Earth”. During this presentation there was a further exploration of the planets and galaxies in outer space. The students got to see just how special Earth is compared to some of the other planets that were not suitable for life due to either extreme climates or toxic gases.

After the two theater shows, the students split up into groups for a tour of the campus. One group went to the Art Museum, another to the football stadium and campus bookstore, while the last group went to lunch. The groups rotated so that every student had an opportunity to complete the tour.

The Ackland Art Museum is also located on the UNC campus. At the Art Museum the students were divided into groups of four. A museum representative had activities prepared to share with the students. They were introduced to different pieces of artwork and had brief lessons and discussions which tied the artwork to specific times in history. The lessons were not only informative, but the activities kept the students engaged.

The students seemed to be exhausted at the end of the trip. This experience will probably be one that they will always remember. Hopefully, some of the students will have the opportunity to attend UNC Chapel Hill once they graduate from high school. This trip would not have been a success without the help from our staff and parent volunteers who chaperoned this trip to ensure safety for all the kids involved. Thank you for your support.

Written by: Lisa Anthony, 8th grade math teacher
Posted: Mar 26, 2014 by Susie Jones

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