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Stallings Elementary School hosts first ever Folt Science Night!

On March 20, 2014, Stallings Elementary School hosted our first ever Folt Science Night! In the fall of 2013, we applied for a grant that would allow us to participate in the North Carolina-Science Festival. Luckily, we were selected as one of the participating schools and through this grant opportunity, we were able to host a hands-on science night here at STES. This grant was provided through a donation made to the University of North Carolina and is named for UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor, Carol Folt.

At the event, 12 stations were set up that were to be Common Core connected, K-5 appropriate and designed to foster excitement in children around various science topics. The majority of the materials for each station were provided to us as part of the grant. We were thrilled that 149 families were represented at our science night and over 230 children participated in the activities!

Those that were fortunate enough to be here during the event heard the sounds of children laughing, learning, and even DIY harmonicas! You may also have had to dodge a few rockets and parachutes. Many students were fascinated to discover their dominant and recessive genes like dimples, widow’s peaks, and attached ear lobes as they designed a “gene bracelet”. Our volunteers that worked at the roller coaster station were very impressed as students “problem solved” in order to design a roller coaster where a marble would land in a bucket. The roller coasters were made using pipe insulation and students added loops and ramps to their coasters too. One group was even able to successfully implement a double loop!

We would like to thank all the teachers, staff members, and parents that made this event possible. We would also like to thank all of our Stallings Elementary families that showed their support through their participation in our Folt Science Night. We hope that our 2015 Science Night will be even bigger and better! So, look for more information next school year and plan to attend another exciting hands-on science event at Stallings Elementary!

Written by: Kelly Reeder
Posted: Mar 27, 2014 by Kelly Reeder

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