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Sun Valley Elementary Experience ht2

3rd grade students in Ms. Hoffman’s class experiment with tornado bottles

Sun Valley Elementary 3rd grade students recently experienced a High Touch High Tech (ht2) field trip in their classrooms. Founded by Daniel Shaw in 1992, this globally recognized leader in innovative hands-on science experiences for children makes learning science fun without having to leave your school or home. Principal Dr. Terri Cooper said, “Having ht2 visit Sun Valley Elementary was a great way for our 3rd grade students to explore scientific concepts at a minimum cost.”

Third grade teacher Kristin Isabel coordinated this special opportunity with her third grade team. Isabel said, “I think it is great when you give students the opportunity to explore freely. Doing so enables them to make important connections. In this case, our kids will remember our guest ‘Dino Dan’ as he made learning fun and hands on.”

Third grade student in Ashley Downs’s class, Joanna Burns said, “I had fun with Mr. Scientist. We made bags explode, and we made mud. My space mud was the color of aqua. We also used fog machines and tornado bottles. It was really fun, and I enjoyed it.”

Twin third grade students in Ashley Downs’s class, Georgia and Katie Bejian had a blast. Georgia said, “My favorite thing was the fog machine. There were little lights at the bottom of the bowl. This was my favorite because, we could catch the fog in cups and put the cups together to keep the fog inside. Then when you let go, the fog would come out.” Katie said, “I made space mud too just like Joanna. It was great when mine exploded!”

Third grade student in Ashley Downs’s class, Madison Collins said, “The third grade field trip was a wonderful experience. It was very informative! It was amazing to see how matter works and how it can be used. It was very exciting to see all the different experiments. It was very great to see how matter can be used for different things. The most exciting part was when the experiments exploded! The information helped out to understand matter. There was a lot of information behind all the experiments. The 3rd grade field trip was an experience I will never forget!”

For more information about ht2 click HERE.

Written by: Kevin Vickers
Posted: Mar 27, 2014 by Kevin Vickers

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