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Exploring Careers

These 3rd graders want to be musicians, singers, and dancers when they grow up!

What do Union Elementary 3rd, 4th and 5th graders want to be when they get older? Mrs. Johnson is exploring their career options during guidance classes this semester and students are finding out that there are endless options to choose from!

To help us with creative ideas in how to explore all of the careers that are out there, Mrs. Johnson is using a hands-on book written by a veteran Union County school counselor, Marianne Vandawalker, to design her lessons. The 3rd – 5th graders are able to play career based games to explore their interests! Students have found out that they can choose from the “Helping Hands” careers of teachers, doctors, veterinarians and chefs. Or, if they enjoy the spot light, they can choose from the “Lights, Camera, Action!” careers of artists, musicians, news reporters or even actresses and actors.

Our students have enjoyed learning about all the careers that are available to them; taking a special interest in performing skits designed around their area of interest. Mrs. Johnson has the students taking turns to “act out” their career of choice. In Mrs. Borbas’ classroom, a group of 3rd grade boys loved showing off their skills as musicians, singers and dancers!

Written by: Brianne Johnson, School Counselor
Posted: Mar 28, 2014 by Jennifer Williams

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