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Winter Olympics

Students prepare to participate in their own competitions

In February Shiloh Preschoolers took part in their own Winter Olympics. Students watched video clips of athletes competing in skiing, ice skating, bobsledding and hockey. Then the students participated in their own competitions. Skates were made by taping wax paper to the children’s shoes and wood poles became ski poles. Plastic cups were cut out to make bobsleds for toy Lego people to slide down paper tube race tracks. The children learned that “recycled” materials can be fun to use during play. An awards ceremony was held in the school gym. Gold, silver and bronze medals were earned as students practiced good sportsmanship by waiting to take turns and congratulating the winners of the game. Preschoolers marched in a closing ceremony parade to the Olympic theme song.

During the school year preschoolers have been singing a song “All Around the World” and learning how to say “hello” in different languages. This song has helped them locate the continents and various countries on a world map. Textured USA and world maps were used during the Winter Olympics to help keep track of the medals earned. Flags from winning countries were also displayed in the classroom. The Winter Olympics provided a fun global learning experience for our preschool class.

Written by: Karen Rampey, Pre-K
Posted: Mar 28, 2014 by Mark Greene

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