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Spanish Classes Combine for Global Cafe Experience

Friday, March 21, wasn't your typical 4th period....Mrs. Wade's Spanish IV class and Mrs. Elliott's Spanish III class got together in the media center for what is called a Tertulia. This term is used for a casual gathering where people have coffee and discuss social issues or cultural topics. Our students brought in authentic Hispanic snack foods and drinks and gathered at the tables for some discussion of their own. There were topics such as: prom, sports, school, free time, and relationships. The twist was that it was ALL Spanish ALL period!

The students find this to be a great way to practice their Spanish and have some late lunch. They even get a grade based on their efforts. Katie Melin had this to say, "I love Cafe Ole. It's an awesome way to practice and not feel like it has to be perfect. It boosts your confidence which is what a lot of us need!" This was the Spanish III class' first experience with a Tertulia, and it was a little overwhelming at first but they eventually got the hang of it. Parker May reflected, "It was a good experience, but Mrs.Wade can be pretty intimidating!" Looks like they might want to do this a few more times before they get to Spanish IV. Overall, everyone had a great time!

Written by: Students in Ms. Wade's Spanish IV
Posted: Mar 30, 2014 by Lisa Justice

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