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Cavs Receive Sound Banking Advice

Shawn Smith and Jill Axley (left) share financial tips with students in Mr. Lyons' (right) Personal Finance classes.

 “How many of you guys like money? Anyone want more?” With those leading questions, the visit from guest speakers Shawn Smith and Jill Axley began. The two representatives from Fifth Third Bank came to speak to Mr. Steve Lyons’ Personal Finance classes recently. They had important advice to share with the students such as: “Save early. Start early.” “Take the money you earn, spend it the right way, and save some to work toward a goal you might have.” “Start to build and establish credit once you turn 18.” “Savings and credit are two major factors in reaching your goals.” “Good credit gets you better rates.” “Right now is the time to start thinking of your future.”

Mr. Lyons said, “We talk directly and exactly about different financial institutions, in particular, banks and the services they provide, so their visit went perfectly with what we are learning.”

The speakers discussed establishing credit, credit scores, fraud, the advantages of saving, different kinds of accounts, protecting your identity, and ways to reach your future goals such as paying for college, or buying a car or home.

“The speakers talked about credit cards and how you have to have good credit to obtain credit cards or loans,” said sophomore Rachel Baker.

Senior Chris Anderson said, “They emphasized the importance of saving and saving early. They also talked about the importance of education in relation to money and earnings.”

Mr. Lyons and his students would like to thank Mr. Smith and Ms. Axley for their informative visit!

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Mar 31, 2014 by Judy Davis

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