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Exchange Student Shares about Germany

Rocky River Students recently had a chance to learn about Germany from Rebecca an exchange student at Sun Valley High School. Rebecca answered questions about school, her life and Germany as the students questioned her during the recent visit. Rebecca has been attending school here in Union County this year as part of a student exchange program and provided us a glimpse into her world. Students were amazed she had left her family to come to America for a year. She thought it would be a good experience to go to school in another country.

Amanda a third grade student shared her learning from the experience. There could be 30 kids in a class. In Elementary school there are sometimes 2 teachers but usually 1. Rocky River is bigger than the schools in Germany. Football does not exist in Germany (well, they don’t play it). They enjoy watching soccer like Americans enjoy watching football. Germany is on the continent of Europe. She learned to speak a second language English in third grade. A few years later they got to pick another foreign language and she chose French. She spoke both German and French to us. They do not have middle school in Germany. They dance in Germany. They have public libraries just like us. Their clothing is similar to ours. They don’t have snakes. I think both countries are pretty similar.

Camryn learned they can’t drive until they are 18 years old. They are 6 hours ahead of the USA. Germany has very few animals. It rains and snows a lot in Germany.

Jayla learned the biggest animal is a horse and cow. They do not have a president like us. Their money is different it has stars and no presidents on it. They have the same electronics like us. They have the same apps and games we do. They eat a lot of potatoes. In high school you are in 5th to 12th grade.

Kira learned that right now in America it is 6:57 and in Germany it is actually 12:57. They don’t have big animals except horses and cows. Germany is close to Italy. In Germany it snows a lot. Germans play games but most of the times it is the boys who play games.  Germans dance hip hop or ballet anywhere. Their flag is black, red and yellow. They have art museums so people can paint, draw or do any art.

Leah wrote that there are lots of more games in Germany. There is Minecraft. There is no Xboxes. They don’t have elephants, lions and snakes. They do have lots of pets like dogs, cats and other household pets. Most teenagers ride buses, scooters or walk. They drive at 18  unlike us we can be 16 to get a driver’s license. They go sledding.

Rebecca told us that subjects seem harder in Germany than here. She told us about her family. You take the same kinds of subjects in school except the languages there you have three in elementary school. Some kids go on to college just like in the US. Students learned about many things with Rebecca’s visit to Rocky River

Written by: Brenda Todd and third grade students
Posted: Apr 01, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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