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Navy JROTC Annual Inspection

FHHS Navy JROTC after their drill meet at UNC-Charlotte

On Wednesday, April 2nd the Jacket NJROTC program will be welcoming the NJROTC Area Six Program Manager, Commander Jones. He will be conducting his annual Area Managers Inspection (A.M.I.). This day-long event begins with a Personnel Inspection of all Cadets which includes Uniforms, Personal Appearance and Navy Knowledge. Following the Personnel Inspection, the Inspecting Officer will inspect the Administrative and Supply Departments as well as record keeping. These programs are Managed by the Cadets, each program requires countless hours to ensure all records and supply inventories are accurately maintained.

Following the Department inspections the NJROTC Staff composed of the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Command Chief and Department Heads/Assistance, will conduct a brief of Unit Activities, accomplishments and future goals to Commander Jones. This will demonstrate the great growth and improvements of the Unit since the last inspection.
Succeeding the Inspection of the Unit as well as the staff brief, ALL Cadets will be formed in the new gymnasium. Subsequent to the arrival of the Official party, the Forest Hills NJROTC Color Guard will present the National Colors joined with the Forest Hills Woman’s Ensemble preforming our National Anthem. The unit will also conduct a drill demonstration, and an awards ceremony finishing with a Pass-in-Review of the entire Company before the reviewing Officer, Commander Jones.

The Annual A.M.I. is an opportunity for the Cadets to demonstrate the individual and team experiences each has gained over the last year. Cadets spend Countless hours of hard work and Espirit de Corps to improve themselves and the Unit as a whole. The NJROTC Program is an expanding program growing from 124 to 196 in just two years and increasing Community /School Service hours from 387 hours to approximately 2200 hours over the last year. A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Hogan and the Woman’s Ensemble for their participation in this very important event for our NJROTC Program. Please welcome Commander Jones and good luck to all cadets.

Written by: Cadet Shione Sherrin
Posted: Apr 02, 2014 by Melissa Howell

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