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Kindergartners learns about different Countries during Global Corner

Visiting countries like Russia and Chile may not be a realistic school field trip for kindergarten students; but for Weddington kindergartners, they are getting to experience their assign country at school!

Weddington kindergartners are learning about different countries, culture and discussing the similarities and differences from children in those countries.

Ms. Emery’s class is studying Ireland, Ms. Shuford’s class is exploring Peru, Ms. Zakary’s class is learning about Russia and Ms. Boyce’s little friends are discovering Chile!

Each teacher’s goal is to make every student aware about different countries, cultures, food, and music. They are broadening their students’ knowledge of the world.  Kindergartners are researching basic facts about their assigned country, what major holidays are celebrated and how old the country is. They are reading and hearing stories about their country, sampling food and to complete their learning experience, they listen to music from the country they are studying about to really get a feel for the culture. 

Written by: Stacie Davis
Posted: Apr 02, 2014 by Stacie Davis

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