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Classes Visit Old Salem

Mrs. Janicki's students pose behind the wooden frame in the Vierling barn.

On Wednesday, March 26th Mrs. Janicki’s class took their annual trip to Historic Old Salem. The English III classes take this trip to tie into their classroom discussions and readings of Colonial Literature. Ms. Christensen’s Broadcasting class also went on the trip to document the events. The classes visited on Arts Alive day where History and Arts collide!

Upon their arrival in Old Salem, students were given papers so they could participate in a scavenger hunt to find different examples of architecture throughout the town. Mrs. Janicki also encouraged students to get pictures of themselves with as many people in period costume as possible.

While touring the many buildings in Old Salem, students had the opportunity to learn about different types of arts and crafts what were practiced, as well as trades. The first stop was the Timothy Vogler Gunsmith Shop where students learned that children rarely went to school past age 13 before becoming an apprentice to learn a trade.

In the Single Brother’s House, students learned about the 1798 Tannenberg Organ, Baroque and Neo-Classical pottery, making paste paper for booklets, tailoring and using wood block stamps. In the Single Brother’s Workshop, students had to pay attention to detail by matching photo samples they were given with larger photos. There was also a giant wooden frame in another room along with different hats and props so students could be in their own picture frame photo.

At the Vierling House the students learned about how medicine was practiced in Old Salem. They saw where the doctor’s apothecary was located and saw some medical instruments from that time. In another room of the house the students saw a demonstration of Fraktur painting. This beautiful art form consisted of elaborate lettering and intricate borders that were a combination of painting and cut paper work. In the Vierling barn some students got to try their hand at creating a Theorem painting using a stencil.

The last stop, and everyone’s favorite, was the Winkler Bakery. Here the bakery oven is still heated with wood as it was almost 200 years ago. Students can watch a demonstration and then head into the shopping area to purchase Moravian cookies, sugar loaf and other delicious treats.


1798 Tanneburg Organ

Paste paper booklets

Paste paper booklets


Pottery workshop

Group photo

Mrs. Janicki and her students.


Apothecary bottles, medical instruments

Fraktur painting

Fraktur painting

Fraktur painting final product

Fraktur painting

Theorem painting

Stencils for Theorem painting

Theorem paintings

Theorem paintings

Written by: Deb Christensen, School Library Media Coordinator
Posted: Apr 04, 2014 by Deb Christensen

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