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Students took an in house field trip to Australia when the World in Our Backyard visited Rocky River. The students could choose to be Jackaroos or Jillaroos (ranchers) or an Aboriginal as they began the journey. Several students chose face paint to be Aboriginals (original native people) while others put on vest and hats to be ranchers. They learned about the people, the animals and the instruments during the presentation. Rebecca said learning about “Australia was cool because…

I learned cool stuff about Australia. I never knew that a baby kangaroo was very tiny when born. My favorite part was when we chose to have the face paint or put on a vest and a cool hat. So when I grow up I am going to Australia.”

Raven told us she learned a lot about Australia. Like, did you know that Australia is a country and a continent? I also learned about the instruments such as the didgeridoo- made out of eucalyptus tree branches. The rain stick was my favorite. I loved this lesson!

Haven learned a lot of cool new things about Australia recently. She learned that the world’s biggest rock is in Australia (Ayers Rock) and it is 6 miles to walk around it. It was so cool to learn that a Joey (baby kangaroo) is as small as a jellybean! I got to play 3 instruments from Australia. My favorite one was the didgeridoo. I also liked the rain stick a lot. It was cool to learn how the didgeridoo was made. They took a branch that had worms in it. They paint a lot of things with dots in Australia like the instruments.

Connor, a second grade student learned that baby kangaroo are called Joeys. A kangaroo that has a pouch is a marsupial. Kangaroos eat many different kinds of grass. A Joey starts out like the size of a jelly bean. The different kinds of kangaroos are a red kangaroo which is the tallest of all the kangaroos and a brown one is the smallest. A grown one of these is the size of a table. If you were in Australia and you were on the road instead of deer signs they have kangaroo signs. Kangaroos are only found in Australia.

Abby learned that marsupials are mammals that have pouches. The baby Joeys stay in their mother’s pouches for 7 months then they move out. They drink the mother’s milk when they are a few months old until they move out. Red kangaroos are the biggest they are 6 feet and 200 pounds. Their predator is the dingo.

Some students made these comments…… “We learned that some kids don’t go to real school. They talk on a radio to get their lessons and then send them in to the teacher each week. Other animals we learned about are the koala that can be dangerous if scared with its claws. We learned about the dingo which is like a dog but wild and dangerous. The nickname of Australia is the “land down under” because it’s below the equator. Their seasons are different than ours. They have summer at Christmas time. We learned about the Sydney Opera House that people sing opera in and do other performances. It would take 3 planes to get to Australia so it’s a long way off. They have different foods and different animals then we do. They wear some of the same kinds of clothing and play sports too. We want to visit Australia when we grow up many of the students said. This was the coolest program.”

Written by: Brenda Todd and RYRES students
Posted: Apr 09, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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