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CAVS CTE Class Experiences NASCAR

Thomas DellaCroce, 9th, Andres Panizo, 11th, and Mahmoud Al-Asfar, 9th, try their hands at a simulated pit stop at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

 Members of Mrs. McRorie’s Sports and Entertainment Marketing class attended the NASCAR Hall of Fame on April 4. The group was met outside, and then quickly escorted to the High Octane Theater to watch a video on the history of NASCAR. We were then free to explore the vast display of NASCAR history that stood before our eyes. We were able to see what it would be like to sit in a stock car from the early 1900s to the Gen 6 cars they use now. We walked on Glory Road and felt what it feels like to stand on 34 degree banks, as well as feeling what the different track surfaces felt like from the Daytona to Las Vegas. 

We then visited the second floor, our personal favorite. Our groups had competitions to see who could perform a pit change the fastest. The group consisting of Mahmoud Al-Asfar, TJ DellaCroce, and Andres Panizo was the fastest, putting in gas, jacking the car, and changing a tire in 10.98 seconds. We then visited the Hall of Honor. 

“I liked Richard Petty’s car the best, especially the spoiler and color,” said Jake Rhinehart. 

The group tried the simulator next where the best times were by TJ DellaCroce with 31.1 seconds and Jake Karklin  with 31.4 seconds. The class enjoyed lunch and a visit to the Gear Shop before heading back to school.

“On this trip, students were able to see firsthand how their communication skills, math skills, and technical skills can advance them in the business of sports and entertainment marketing,” said Mrs. McRorie. “We had a great time!”

Written by: CHS freshman Thomas DellaCroce
Posted: Apr 10, 2014 by Judy Davis

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