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International Festival 2014

The halls were decorated and set up with displays for each of the countries our classes have studied as part of our Global Gators Lessons this year!

 On Friday, March 21, 2014, the students of Antioch Elementary took a trip across cultures and around the world! Our annual International Festival kicked off in the media center, which had been transformed into “Gator Airlines.” Our pilot, Captain (Principal) Dillon introduced us to many of the countries the students would visit through hallways displays and cultural performances. Over 20 countries were represented in some way, including Japan, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, South Africa, Thailand, Scotland, Greece, France, New Zealand, and Scotland. Here are a few reflections on our day, as shared by Antioch students.

• “My favorite part of International Day was: the Japan table. The fashion clothes from around the world. The airplane ride was the best part and walking around the whole school. I like the bagpipes, the singing, and the chicken dance.” (First grade student)
• “My favorite part of International Day was… seeing South America, Japan, and Canada. And loved seeing the performance and Indian dancing. And going to Antioch Airlines where Mrs. Dillon was pilot.” (First grade student)
• "I liked when we walked around the school and saw the countries. We learned about their beliefs. We made some masks, drums and cave paintings in our room." (Second grade student)
• "It was the school's work and we did it together." (Second grade student)
• I liked the presentation when they dressed in cultural clothes for the fashion show." (Second grade student)
• "My favorite part of Greece was the popsicle stick Trojan horse. How did they make that?" (Second grade student)
• Some of our favorite sites were the diorama, bagpipes, garden, bike, hockey, songs, Mexican people on Kindergarten playground doors, karate and Greek Lego gods. (From a second grade class)
• “International Day- we learned about countries. We went around with a passport. We saw cool stuff about Italy. It was a fun day.” (Fourth grade student)

Written by: Kimberly Kovach, Media Coordinator and Antioch Students
Posted: Apr 10, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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