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Kindergarten Winter Olympics 2014

Mexico competes in the Marble Roll at the Kinder-Gator Winter Olympics!

This year, all the Kindergarten classes have studied Mexico, Canada and the USA. Ms. Reder and Ms. Mode’s classes studied these countries and the various sporting events in which each country competed in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Some of the sports we focused on included snowboarding, skiing, hockey and speed skating.

We incorporated math by keeping count of the medals won by each country. We used tally marks to keep track of the totals. We also talked about our favorite winter event and surveyed our classmates to see if we wanted to compete in those events. These surveys were counted and graphed.

We did lots of writing about how it feels to win a gold medal by pretending that we placed first in our favorite winter sport! Other activities included designing our very own luge course and illustrating ourselves doing a snowboarding trick. We also designed unique hockey jerseys that represented our team.

To culminate the unit Ms. Reder’s class (Canada) competed against Ms. Mode’s class (Mexico and USA) in our very own Winter Ball Games. We competed in events like Marble Roll, Foot Volleyball, Kick and Dribble Obstacle Course, Tic Tac Toe Ball Toss, Bowling, Hoop Toss, and Ball Toss and Scoop Games. When the Kinder-Olympians completed their events each competitor received a certificate and a gold medal!

Written by: Lynn Mode, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Apr 10, 2014 by Kimberly Kovach

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