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Stormwater supervisor visits Environmental Science students

Harold Gaines from the City of Monroe Engineering department demonstrates stormwater runoff.

Recently a special guest visited Trent Morgan's Earth and Environmental Class. His name was Harold Gaines and he works for the City of Monroe Stormwater Services. He gave the students a quiz...which no one was very happy about. But, it ended up teaching the class a lot about the importance of stormwater management. He showed the class a model of an average community, where they could actually see what was happening to lakes and what was getting into storm drains and causing them to clog. His presentation focused on good ways to prevent this from happening.

Gaines also addressed issues in the Monroe area through a PowerPoint presentation. He showed paint being poured into storm drains, rivers full of algae and pesticide incidents. Sophomore Zack Tyson's reaction to the presentation was that it was “Very Informative. Taught us a lot about what he does.” Likewise, freshman Abigail Knieper commented, “I thought he did a good job and it was very educational. He made the presentation interactive with us.”

Through his quiz, demonstration and presentation, Gaines helped the Earth and Environmental students discover the importance of keeping stormwater runoff clean. 



Written by: Madelyn Atkinson, 9th grade student and Regina Snelson, Media Coordinator
Posted: Apr 11, 2014 by Regina Snelson

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