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Fashion Is Center Stage at Indian Trail ASP

Divine creations designed by the 5th grade class at Indian Trail ASP are modeled by Ms. Ginny and her students.

What is something a group of students can do as a team while still showing individual talents or personality? This is a question Ms. Ginny Burch’s 5th grade After School group posed to each other a few weeks ago.

What transpired from this brainstorming session was quite a delight, not only to them, but to the rest of the After School program as well. The group decided to have a fashion show introducing their very own collaborations. These collaborations began with the sketches on paper all the way to the actual outfit. Fabric and old clothes were brought in from Ms. Ginny’s home and the students’ homes. They were cut up, stapled and/ or glued together to make an outfit.

MC for the fashion show was Ms. Ginny. She was dressed in a creation that was designed by student Conner Mills. The commentary used in the show was written by these students as well. Each outfit had a description and a quote to inspire others.

When asked why this project was such fun, Mikaela Kozlowski said, “It was awesome to create something new with my friends and share great times and memories with them.” Emilee Masucci added, “What I liked about the fashion show was how in my outfit I could express my true sparkle.” Sterling Smithson remarked that she liked the project because it was fun and spontaneous. When she thought of “walking the stage” as a fashion model, Lauren Sharpe reminded us all that it is, “Sometimes fun to show off.” The audience agreed with this and was thoroughly entertained as indicated by all of the applause!

Written by: Nancy Adams, Program Coordinator ITES ASP
Posted: Apr 16, 2014 by Karen Smith

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