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Twisterbots Win Second Place at Competition!

Pictured right to left: Mason Clark, Vann Gordon, Gracie Helms, Christian Chiriboga, Victor Kobe, Lucas Pyle, Connor Drake, and Harris Boyadjian.

Congratulations to Poplin Elementary’s Twisterbots Robotics team for winning second place in the Research presentation on Saturday April 12, 2014. The competition was held between 32 teams at the Western North Carolina Robotics Competition at Lenoir Rhyne University.

The Twisterbots were made up of the following students: Fifth Grade - Vann Gordon & Harris Boyadjian, Fourth Grade - Mason Clark, Gracie Helms, Christian Chiriboga, Victor Kobe, Luke Pyle, and Connor Drake. Shelley Gordon, a third-grade teacher, is Poplin’s Coach for the club.

The team had to problem solve an issue and create a solution using robotics. Christian Chiriboga, a fourth grader on the team, said the team’s challenge was to figure out a way to stop tornadoes in tornado alley using robotics.

After the competition members from the team shared what they learned from Robotics. Connor Drake, a fourth grader on the team, said “I learned how to be a team and what cooperation is all about. I learned how to speak in front of people I didn’t know!” Another one of the fourth grade students,
Victor Kobe said, “One of the hardest things about getting ready for the competition was at first everyone was not cooperating. But in the end all the work paid off. We couldn’t have done it without the team.” Vann Gordon, one of the fifth graders on the
team said, “I learned to build, program, and drive a robot to achieve specific missions. Winning was mind blowing!”

The students weren’t the only ones who learned during the process over the past few months. Parent volunteer Mary Drake (Connor’s mom) helped the team during every practice and said, “I had a blast working with all of the different personalities of these wonderful kids. I worked on the performance
portion of the competition. It was amazing watching them grow, learn, and come together to work different scenarios together. It was an honor to work with them. I am so proud of the Twisterbots!”

To learn more about the program, click here for the Cyberkids Robotics website.

Congratulations to the Twisterbots!


Written by: Beth Medlin, Media Coordinator
Posted: Apr 21, 2014 by Beth Medlin

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