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Kindness Counts

Western Union’s Morale Committee is introducing two new student incentives to help recognize the outstanding behavior that we love to see every day here at our school.

The first incentive is one that some of our older students might remember. We are bringing back Kindness Coins! Students can earn Kindness Coins from any staff member for showing good, kind behavior throughout the school building, especially in the hallway.

If a staff member notices a student doing something kind or showing respect for others, the staff member will give the student a Kindness Coin. Some kind, respectful things that staff might notice would be following all hallway rules, walking quietly with your partner, speaking kindly to another student or adult. Kindness Coins can be “spent” on special incentives – fancy pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, etc.

Our second incentive is a brand new one to Western Union but embodies a spirit that our school has believed in for many years. This will be our “Giving Your Best Award”. This will be an award for student behaviors that demonstrate a choice to “Give Your Best and Nothing Less”.

Once again, all staff members throughout the school building will be on the lookout for students earning this award. Some “Giving Your Best” behaviors may be a student stopping to help another without being asked, a student including another who may be feeling left out, or a student making the choice to be kind and respectful even if others around them are not.

“Giving Your Best Awards” will be shared over the afternoon announcements in order to recognize those students who have earned them. These students will also be invited to a short, biweekly celebration during the school day to commend them for being positive role models to their peers.

We are all looking forward to recognizing and celebrating the positive behaviors of our students here at Western Union. Students – don’t forget, all staff members will be on the lookout for students that we can reward so be ready to be caught doing something good!!


Written by: Joan Lewis, Speech Language Therapist
Posted: Apr 22, 2014 by Carrie Johnson

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