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International Night and PTA/Spring Concert

The parents, students and staff came to Rocky River Elementary on April 8th 2014 to see many different activities at our combination International Night and PTA/Spring Concert Night. First they were able to watch 2nd grade students perform the “Morris Dance” a traditional dance from England and watch a play called “Maya , the Lost Child” a play about Australian animals working together to find a little girl, Maya who got lost chasing a butterfly.

After these performances they were able to attend the “Wax Museum with fourth grade students who shared information about famous Americans and others around the world. Some of these were Albert Einstein from Germany, Anne Frank and Marco Polo along with Queen Elizabeth. We saw explorers, inventors and public figures with this wonderful display. They were able to visit classrooms and see work in the hallways such as the dot art with various animals and written work about Australia. Biome brochures of fifth grade students were on display from different areas of the world whether the tundra in Russia, the rainforest in Brazil and Peru, the desert and grasslands in Africa, and the deciduous forest in many locations around the globe. Students shared about their knowledge in songs and presentations about “Leader in Me” steps in kindergarten and second grade.

After visits to the classrooms it was time to head back into the gym to listen to the first and third grade students presenting songs about respect, songs from other countries and the history of rock and roll. Whether you were a Beatles fan hearing “Yellow Submarine” or Elvis Pressley fan the gym rocked with the performance of third graders sharing several songs. First grade students shared songs from many countries such as America, a song from Africa called Banuwa it is form Liberia, and a song in French Bonjour Mis Amis plus others for Respect.

Before and after the programs parents and students could also shop at our spring Book Fair which had a Mexican theme with tacos and piñatas and other decorations. One student was very excited about the whole table of books written in Spanish. Many students thought the books were wonderful and parents enjoyed shopping for reading material with their children.

The night was a fun way for everyone to share and see what was happening at our school!

Written by: Brenda Todd
Posted: Apr 22, 2014 by Brenda Todd

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