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Ukranian and Russian Easter Eggs

Before Easter, students in Ms. Henry’s, Ms. Scolton’s, and Ms. Snodgrass’ classes had an opportunity to learn about Ukrainian and Russian Easter eggs from ESL Teacher Iryna Covarrubias who grew up in a bilingual and bicultural environment in Ukraine.

The history of Ukrainian pysanka and Russian krashenka Easter eggs goes back to more than a thousand years ago. Following Christianity in Eastern Europe, both cultures traditionally hold a belief that the egg is a sign of a new life and rebirth. Students learned about history of Ukrainian and Russian Easter eggs, the art of decorating, types of painted eggs, legends, and symbolism of colors and designs used during decorating. Students enjoyed hands on experience and held authentic Ukrainian and Russian Easter eggs in their hands, noticed similarities and differences in painted designs. They watched a video that demonstrated both authentic and ordinary ways of decorating eggs and asked many questions about Ukrainian/Russian culture and heritage.

The presentation was aligned with NC Common Core Curriculum and Standards reflecting and recognizing multiculturalism and diversity in education.

Written by: Iryna Covarrubias
Posted: Apr 23, 2014 by Carolyn Leonard

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